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Went shopping at downtown LA today for fall/cold weather clothes. They mostly had summer stuff still so I just ended up buying floral print stuff… @-@

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  • BF: When I think of how sexy you are, I think of a 1TB SSD. You're as sexy as a 1TB SSD baby.

I’ll be back home tomorrow and im gonna try my best to actually blog about my trip to hawaii.

Im gonna miss Hawaii and humid weather. It was fun hanging out with emiiiーchan. I wish i could hang out with her more. (´;Д;`) She’s really cute and funny.

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My body clock is so messed up. >_> I fall asleep when the sun rises. LOL. I seriously need to fix this. I feel really unproductive and zombielike.

I was reading this thread on reddit called “Parents: What is the wierdest thing you have found in your childs room" and I remembered what my older sis and I did when we were young. LOL.

When we moved away from Japan (I was 3 years old then), my sis (7 years old) and I missed the snow so we decided to play snow in our room. We used baby powder and sprinkled it all over the room. When we were done, we were like oh shit we need to clean it before our parents find out. So my sis decided to use water to get rid of the baby powder. LOL. Fucking genius… NOT. The water just made the powder stick to our wooden floor. LOLOL. And then my parents finally walk in and catch us in the act and they were just flabbergasted.

Today was a good day~ Bought tons of prints from the Artist Alley (I’ll take pics some time!) and met Saaki (saaki-pyrop)! She was so cute and ughhh… I was fangirling. ; A ; She signed the print I got and drew something small for me… I’ll probably write more details about it tomorrow on my blogger since I just got home and I’m tired. 

Whenever guys tell me “women belong in the kitchen

I respond to them like this:

yeah they belong in the kitchen

because that’s where the knives are at

so they can stab your bitch ass

for saying stupid shit like that

Shobie: Nani ga fufufu da sillycutebuttface


Is it weird that I find him texting me this cute? >_>


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