I'm Rennie~ I post whatever catches my fancy. You'll mostly see Gyaru, Kfashion, and random things I find cute. But I will occasionally post video game stuff (Bioshock Infinite, Starcraft, Portal 2, etc) or shows I really like (Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, HIMYM, and some anime).

My ask box is always open and I will reply to everyone (sometimes it takes me time since I'm busy). If you do message me, I will most likely reply in private unless you message me on ANON or if I think my answer to your message will be helpful to other people, or if it's for a questionnaire sort of thing (idk what they're called). Public responses will be tagged anon, replies, or with your url. :3

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Prints I got from AX. <3 Aren’t they sexy?!?

Prints I got from AX. <3 Aren’t they sexy?!?

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